Sunday, March 15, 2015

Angra's Kiko Loureiro Favored To Join Megadeth As New Guitarist

Odds are that Megadeth has hired Brazilian shredder Kiko Loureiro as their new guitarist. Confirmation notwithstanding, Kiko and Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine have left a Twitter trail of tweets that would seem to confirm my suspicions. Follow me here, if you will.

It all starts innocently enough when early in March, the guitarist starts following Dave Mustaine and Megadeth on Twitter:

From Los Angeles on March 9, Loureiro flies to Denver, where most likely he caught a connector to Nashville where Dave Mustaine resides. Mustaine auditions a guitarist on March 10:

On March 11, Kiko tweets happily from California once again that changes are afoot and new adventures are in store:

While there has been no confirmation from neither Mustaine nor Loureiro, it would appear that unless I'm horribly mistaken, my pal Kiko will soon be named as Megadeth's new guitarist. He's certainly a great man for the job - he's level headed, a true team player, and he's paid his dues with Brazilian metal favorites Angra since 1992. If this is the truth of the situation, I wish my friend Kiko all the luck and success in the world.

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