Monday, February 23, 2015

Michael Schenker - Spirit On A Mission - The Rock Guitar Daily Interview

Michael Schenker has enjoyed a career that has now been going on long enough to indicate that he's with us for the long haul, and that's great news for any lover of the electric guitar. The legendary hard rocker has spent time with Scorpions, flown in a UFO, his own Michael Schenker Groups, the McAuley/Schenker Group, a solid solo career, and now his incipient Temple Of Rock.

This interview is special because it is supplied with queries directly from his fan base - most particularly the Michael Schenker Facebook group that was set up by myself several years ago to serve as a clearing house for all things Schenker social media. The one thing the group demanded was that this interview steer clear of the run of the mill, usual 'we have a new album, and here's the script' message that so often plagues a press junket, and we certainly succeeded on that mission.

Michael talks about his long and satisfying relationship with Dean Guitars, the effect of having all of his gear and the computers that contained three quarters of a completed album stolen midstream, his desire to perhaps have a signature line of guitar amps to call his own, how being a major influence on a generation of guitarists is not that big a deal, and why the much ballyhooed Schenker Brothers album is probably an idea whose time will now not come.

Michael Schenker/Temple Of Rock Official Facebook page

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