Friday, November 14, 2014

Lynch Mob - Burning Sky Makes The Case

I had a few great conversations earlier this year with singer Oni Logan about the direction of his career. We discussed collaborations with guitarists, possible band lineups, this, that, and the other, and I think that the real fruit of these discussions can now be heard with the announcement that Oni and longtime collaborator George Lynch are again seeing eye to eye, and that Lynch Mob is riding once again.

It turns out that Logan already had a very ideal band situation with Lynch Mob, and of all the possibilities, this reformation made the most sense. Lynch has been on fire creatively for some time, but for all the brilliant side projects he's scored with over the last year, his own Lynch Mob franchise was going sideways with constant lineup changes and instability. Logan has been working regularly with the Dio Disciples, but his talents lend themselves to much more than a tribute band (even though the Disciples do a fantastic job as a tribute band). His voice is actually getting better and he's phrasing better than ever - this is a guy whose best work is yet to come.

George Lynch appears to be on a tremendous upswing as well - his project with dUg Pinnick and Ray Luzier lit up the interwebs earlier this year, and he's got another project with Michael Sweet that is said to be landing shortly, but more than anything, he's needed to get back to solid footing under his own name.

This album will be a great stepping off place for Lynch Mob to reinvigorate the name, and George and Oni would be well advised to get back into the studio and follow this up with a full length album of all new and original material as soon as possible. maybe some shows this summer to revivify the concept, and remind the loyal of what this band can really do.

It takes balls to cover Bad Company - I still cringe when I hear those kids' version of the song Bad Company, because if you're going to cover Paul Rodgers, you better be up for the challenge, and as you can hear here, Oni Logan is more than up for the job, and George does a great job of updating a classic, but sticking with what originally made it great. More soon....

Release date: December 9, 2014
Rat Pack Records

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