Sunday, August 3, 2014

Calfornia Breed - Bonham Out, Joey Castillo In - Bonham: "I wasn't going to be bullied into touring"

Last Friday morning an ominous post showed up upon the official Facebook Page of California Breed - it stated that Joey Castillo would be appearing with the band for all announced dates.

Soon after, the band's website displayed two lineups, one with Joey Castille as the band's 'live' lineup drummer, and a second with Jason Bonham as the group's 'studio' drummer. However, by the end of the day it had unraveled, and it now appears that Bonham is clearly out, and Castillo is the new stickman for California Breed.

This exchange between Julian Lennon and Bonham appeared on Bonham's Facebook:

Julian Lennon: "Sad news about California Breed, bro. :-/" July 22

Jason Bonham: "Lots of biz that Glen decided he could do it for zero dollar and I have to pay bills. I love Glen and Andrew but I wasn't going to be bullied into touring." July 30

On Saturday, Bonham posted this message:

Jason Bonham: "I love those guys but it wasn't going to work for me. I will support them as I love the band I help create and Joey is great. Good luck guys xx JB" August 2

A request for further statement from the California Breed camp has went as yet unanswered, but this story is still very fresh.

Bonham has been on the road with Sammy Hagar, and is rumored to be filling the drum seat for Phil Collins' return to touring this Fall (speculation unconfirmed).

It's every man for himself in these days of no label support and dwindling album sales - it would appear that for a new venture such as California Breed, the highest bidder will win out. Good luck to all, and once again we see a supergroup asunder over the money, and not the music.


Selly said...

This is squarely the fault of Bonham.
Unlike Bonamassa who it was clearly understood BCC was a side project, California Breed was a band that Bonham treated as if it was his baby as well as Glenns.

Bonham strung along the rest of the guys in Cali Breed and the fans as well by touting the upcoming tour with Cali Breed after the two month prior commitments he had originally spoke of.

I guess in that time he decided to be a drummer for hire who plays other bands hits instead of 1/3 of a creative force in a potentially great rock band.

I think Glenn may want to continue performing live under his name only since getting other "name" musicians comes with the possibility they may bolt and run for greener pastures.

Not that big a deal anyways since Glenn is the musical genius anyways that draws the fans.

Oh and lotsa luck to Bonham touring with Phil Collins(eh)!

Tony Conley said...

Selly, I think the financial realities of the industry makes this a tougher situation than just assigning blame to one party, or the other. While musical creativity is an awesome aspiration, there are also the money issues that are never far away in the climate of today's music business. I'm guessing it's just people doing the best they can for themselves, and these days that can easily lead to differing directions and choices being made.

selly said...

I understand that fully Tony however Jason made the commitment to start up a band and tour behind the product, he did not delude himself to think that once the album was released the band would be headlining major concert venues.

He full well knew that California Breed was starting from the ground up.

Of course he can change his mind and decide to chase the almighty dollar, however that does not excuse him for gumming up the works for the time being.

Tony Conley said...

Good points!

I'm anxious to see what gets said in this next week. Again, this was handled pretty poorly, I'm afraid. It's always tougher to mop up after a mess. This could have been presented in a much smoother and better fashion than the way it has come out.

gman said...

I feel sorry for Glenn.Well as much as I can without knowing all the inner workings.First BCC and now this.Poor guy can't get a band to record and tour.Well I do hold out hope some hope the band continues on and they get a second disc in the can because it's some cool sh**t

gman said...

Also.Jasons stick work is amazing on the album.Im not a drummer centric listener, however Jason is one of the few drummers I stand up and take notice of on a recording these days.Thats why this is a bummer.I am not writing off the band because of this though.

gman said...
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John Forever Young said...

This is terrible news. I mean all the work they put into the thing. All the talk about being on the same page and able to tour finally....

Jason said that California Breed was his baby, his number one thing. How in the hell do you go from that to this in such a short time? Was it bullshit all along or is the pay check simply more important at the end of the day?

He had to know that it was going to be work and take time to build before it paid of financially.

Glenn,I'm glad you haven't given up. We'll be there in Lancaster Pa and probably at the Starland as well.

What a mess......