Thursday, February 6, 2014

California Breed - Glenn Hughes' New Power Trio with Jason Bonham and Andrew Watt

I first heard the demos some six months ago, but I had been sworn to secrecy by the ex-Purple bass man, Voice of Rock Glenn Hughes.

Hughes, "An announcement will be made soon, about my new band with Jason and Andrew - it's going to be a mind-blower. We're recording in Nashville with Dave Cobb and Vance Powell (Rival Sons, Raconteurs). I am fresh, alive, and with a bag o' tunes to shake up the music industry - and with a record company that will be with me all the way (Frontiers Records)."

The demos sounded amazing - one can only imagine what they must sound like now, having been recorded, mixed, and mastered by two of the best rock has to offer in these days of pasted together, ProTools projects. Hughes says they mostly laid it down live in the studio, so it's bound to bristle with energy.

From the band's Facebook page, Andrew Watt extolls, "Getting to play with these legends has given me wings. I don't really believe in luck. For me, luck is preparation meets opportunity. You rise to the occasion. That's what California Breed has been for me."

When I heard the demos in Los Angeles in August, it was like simultaneously being sent forwards and back in time - as if Cream had jumped right past the blues and straight into psychedelic drenched Byrds harmonies, and Who-like bombast. It was sometimes hard to tell where Hughes voice left off and Watts' began, and Jason Bonham continues to grow with every project he takes on. I've yet to hear the finished mixes, but Hughes has promised a listen as soon as they are available, and this story is just beginning, as the band has planned to hit the ground running and do some solid touring with this album.

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