Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Near Dead (and Dan Boul of 65amps Makes The Case)

Every week, Dan Boul, the proprietor and visionary behind 65amps, a Los Angeles based boutique guitar amp company, does a weekly podcast that keeps watchers and listeners abreast of his company's fine works, and in the line of speaking out for his company and products, he also finds time to discuss many of the finer points of rock 'n' roll.

This week, he hit on a topic that he had posted a few days previous on his Facebook wall. "Is Guitar Rock Dead?" was the topic, and between the over one hundred replies he received, and the over a thousand people who read the post, he figured he'd hit a hot button with his audience.

He took on the topic in his podcast (on UStream), Lunch with Dan Boul from 65amps, and it was such a powerful presentation that I thought it warranted a wider viewing. When viewing the podcast, you should know that Dan is interacting with many viewers via a chat window, which does not appear on the YouTube version, taking questions and comments in real time.

I think you'll find much to think about and ponder as Dan covers this topic with the same passion, inquisitive nature, and attention to detail that has made him one of the world's best amp builders.

Is guitar rock dead? - hell no, but it is in need of some rehabilitation, and Dan does a fantastic job of covering the topic, and creating some very fine food for thought.

If you're not a regular visiter to the podcast, I can tell you that it is my lunch break every Wednesday, and the one appointment that I refuse to miss.

Mr. Boul makes the case:

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