Friday, September 21, 2012

Joe Bonamassa Has His Say

This just in from Joe Bonamassa's Fan Forum. Well said:

Without going into the comings and goings of  all this nonsense..  I am sorry it all has come to this point that the gig has been cancelled ..  I love all the guys in BCC and love making music with them. But at this point in our lives it doesn't seem in the cards so to speak.  I will always consider each of them a dear friend and the door is always open at least from my point of view.  I just can't  do it at this point with all the things that been said unfairly about me and my intentions toward this band..  It would not be an honest show for me and I will not take the money from the fans in that fashion.  For  23 years I have always maintained that code...  I will not compromise that deal I made with you the fans and myself so many years ago whether its 1 or 100,000 people in the audience...  Thank you for understanding .. And I totally understand if you do not by the way.   Im just one member of this band of five and very disappointed  in the way this has played out over the past two months. With that said I will not allow my reputation that I worked 25 years to establish with Roy  to be compromised by someone who has the microphone and a agenda..   This will be the last I will speak of this event.. I won't get into the discussion and want to put this all behind me for I see it as a black eye on my career.   I just really felt I owed you all somewhat of an explanation..

You are all the best thank you again.. 
Joe Bonamassa

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